The folks at Unstruk

Unstruk Data Portal has officially launched!

AUTHOR: The folks at Unstruk

Happy August! The team has been working extremely hard and we're so excited to be launching officially today on Product Hunt. We've been busy adding new feature functionality, including new integrations, supporting more file formats and enhancing existing features with new UI styling.

Summary of what's new

  • New File Formats

    • Added support for both markdown and x-mimearchive document formats

    • Added support for IFC drawing format

    • Added support for DGN drawing format

    • Added support for more GIS formats, including KML, MIF, GPX, GML and OSM

    • Added support for vCard documents, including contacts as well as Calendar

  • New Integrations

    • Primer Document: PII Detection

    • Primer Document: Summarization

    • Azure Image OCR: Text Analysis

    • Azure Image OCR: PII Detection

    • Azure OCR file enrichment service

    • Unstruk Video: Subtitles

    • Unstruk OCR: Image PII Detection

    • Unstruk OCR: Image Analysis

    • Added ability to use OCR as a model trigger

  • Observations

    • Added support for Person, Organization, Place and Asset observations

  • Tags

    • Added support for bulk actions

    • Added support to allow observations to be added to other file types, not just images

    • Added support to add observations to alerts

    • Added style updates including color changes and improved upon UI

    • Added new timeline for video and audio play (includes auto-highlight during playback , as well as captions and observations)

  • Feeds

    • Optimized and enhanced integration with each supported feed provider (AWS, Azure, GCP)

    • Added style updates including color changes and improved upon UI

  • Roles

    • Added a system administrator role to allow support to easily help customers within their portals

    • Added observations role permissions, restricting capabilities for a user with an analyst role

  • Miscellaneous

    • Added support for showing more document metadata in file details, e.g. editing time, software, word count etc

    • Added path to locations tab for video files

    • Added support to show Geofence in file details for GeoTiff files

    • Added storage quota support


Questions or concerns about anything we’ve rolled out this month? As always support is always available via standard channels, e.g. or within our application by simply clicking the ? help icon. This will launch a popup where you can speak to our support team directly.

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